Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swarm inspection at one week.

Checked on the swarm that we hived one week ago.  They had drawn out a about 2.5 frames.  I saw eggs and saw the queen.  So it's looking good.

The frame above has eggs which can be seen at full resolution.  Also saw nectar.

The above frame is the one I added from an existing hive to help anchor the swarm and give them a population boost in a few more days.

Above and below: second drawn frame where I saw the queen.  I saw her in the section below, but can't tell if she's in the picture...  Must try video next time.  Click on the pictures for high res.  You may see the queen and a black bee with no wings.  
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  1. How exciting! We met a bee keeper at a party yesterday who has 3 hives in Circle C...Greg is revisiting his fascination! Great photos!

  2. Thanks. I hope to have better photos soon as I'm getting a new (to me) camera. I'm currently really wanting an observation hive so I can stare at it all the time :)