Sunday, May 30, 2010

Checked the other 2 hives.

First checked the nucleus hive we got last Saturday.  They had lots of brood and had drawn out most of the frames.  i went ahead and added another deep, so they should have plenty of room to grow.

Next checked the old hive on the east side of the yard.  They had a few frames of capped honey, some nectar and NO brood at all.  Still plenty of bees wandering around (enough to leave them with 2 deeps) but I worry about the lack of brood.  Goal: get them a frame of young brood from another hive and if they're queenless, they can raise another.

So, I went back into the "big hive" and found a frame with all stages of brood.  I wasn't looking close enough yesterday to be sure they had young brood, but I found it.  Shook off the bees and put it into the hive with no brood.  (The workers can take an worker egg and raise her into a queen by feedng her more royal jelly.)  This also means that the big hive has a queen that's laying those eggs. :)

Now all 4 hives have queens or the ability to make one.  hopefully I can check back within the next month to see their progress.

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  1. Sounds exciting...and complicated. I'll keep following the progress...maybe I'll learn a thing or two before we have the land!